Bodybuilding Routines : A Sample Bodybuilding Routine

bodybuilding routines

When it comes to bodybuilding, there are tons of routines out there. A beginning bodybuilder might get bogged down with what to start with. As a result, we have a sample bodybuilding routine here so that you can get started. Remember though, … [Continue reading]

Weight Loss Plateau : How To Beat Your Weight Loss Plateau

weight loss plateau

Congratulations! Most people never even lose enough weight to get to a plateau. If you have been consistently working out and eating healthy but you stopped losing weight, there might be a couple of ways for you to get over this hump. 1) Water … [Continue reading]

Stubborn Belly Fat

stubborn belly fat

Plainly speaking, fat is stored energy. In order to get rid of your stubborn belly fat, you have to work it off. There are many ways to work it off which includes eating correctly, cardiovascular exercises (walking, running, etc), resistance training … [Continue reading]

Loosing Belly Fat – 5 Awesome Tips


Have trouble loosing belly fat? Use these 5 tips to aid you in your effort to lose fat. Remember, these tips aren't worth anything if you aren't going to implement them! Loosing belly fat isn't hard if you have good dedication, patience and … [Continue reading]

Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat


There are many exercises to reduce belly fat but are you doing the right ones? The truth is, doing a gazillion ab crunches and other exercises to reduce your belly fat won't really work. You might build some rock hard abs but they will still be … [Continue reading]