Best Exercise To Lose Weight


There is no single best exercise to lose weight but if there was, it would definitely be the heavy squat. For the person who has been going to the gym religiously but has been stuck, heavy squats are the single best exercise to lose weight. If … [Continue reading]

Beginner Workout Routine

Beginner Workout Routine

Everybody starts out as a beginner. When you first start out, this beginner workout routine will help you build a solid and steady foundation. There are plenty of beginner workout routines floating around and you have to remember that different … [Continue reading]

Hot Rox Review

biotest hot rox

Before you take Hot Rox, please read this Hot Rox Review. Hot Rox is a very popular fat burner created by Biotest and was on the top sellers list for for a while. Hot Rox claims that it is a: 1) A unique fat loss … [Continue reading]

7 Tips To Lose Belly Fat

lose belly fat

Keep reading to learn some great tips to lose belly fat! As of now, there is no scientifically proven way to spot reduce belly fat. When losing belly fat, you do not get to choose which area loses it. In order to naturally lose belly fat, it is a … [Continue reading]

Weslo Treadmills Reviews

weslo treadmills reviews

About Icon Health And Fitness Icon Health and Fitness is the leading fitness retail company in the world. They have over 1 billion in sales with the Weslo treadmill being their low end treadmill models. Weslo treadmills are probably the cheapest … [Continue reading]