Hot Rox Review

hot rox review

Before you take Hot Rox, please read this Hot Rox Review. Hot Rox is a very popular fat burner created by Biotest and was on the top sellers list for for a while. Hot Rox claims that it is a:

1) A unique fat loss phenomenon
2)more effective at burning off body fat than anything that’s ever been on the market
3)Hot Rox also increases protein synthesis and the natural production of anabolic substrates
4)metabolic benefits are sustained, around the clock, week after week, as long as you continue to take the formula


20 mg Thiamin – water-soluble vitamin of the B complex
20 mg Niacin – also known as vitamin B3
20 mg Panthothetic acid
50 mg Pyridoxal-5-phosphat
995 mcg B12
950 mg Hot Rox – Basically what this is “supposed” to do is increase the breakdown of fats in your body.

Should You Get Bio Test Hot Rox?

Well this product is somewhat on the expensive end and one bottle will last you one month. The truth is this works for some people but not everybody. When I took it, I felt nausea and wanted to puke. I tried the product out for a week and had the same effects before I gave it to my friend. When my friend took it and combined it with walking incline on a treadmill and weight training for a week, he actually shed all his fat. He went from about 14% body fat down to 8%. Trying this product is entirely up to you. If you do try it and feel nausea, stop right away and sell it back on or ebay.


Taking Biotest Hot Rox will not magically melt your fat away. You still need to work out on a daily basis and have a good diet in order to lose fat. A good program to follow when using hot rox is to lift weights atleast 4 times a week and cardio 3 times a week. You can do cardio right after an intense weight lifting session and try to keep your workouts under 1 hour. For nutrition, try a carb cycling diet and for cardio, try some hiit. For more information on how to reduce belly fat, visit the homepage.