Best Supplements To Help Lose Weight

The best supplements to help lose weight are protein, vitamins, caffeine and/or green tea extract, and yohimbine.

Before we even get into supplements, make sure you’re eating right and working out hard enough. The best supplements to lose weight won’t help if you’re not even working out hard enough or you’re just eating ice cream all day.


There are tons of multi-vitamins on the market and all of them are pretty inexpensive. Vitamins are needed for overall health and any sort of vitamin deficiency can mitigate weight loss. You can try any inexpensive brand under $10 or the one we prefer is Controlled Labs Orange Triad: Multivitamin, Joint, Digestion, And Immune, 270-Count Bottle. This is a bit on the expensive side but in addition to every single vitamin you need, it also has joint support.


Caffeine can give you the energy you need to work out harder on your workouts. Also, caffeine can increase metabolism and help you lose weight quicker. Caffeine is also inexpensive and you can buy them in pill form for cheap. You can find some cheap caffeine here.

Green Tea Extract

If you drink tea all the time or consume enough caffeine, ignore this. Green tea extract works the same way as caffeine – it’ll increase your metabolism and help your body mobilize fatty acids. Find green tea extract from here.


Yohimbine was previously used to treat male erectile dysfunction but is now used by many to combat weight loss. It works by increasing fatty acid oxidation and can have dangerous side effects. Please consult with your doctor before supplementation! Find Yohimbine here.