Best Supplement For Muscle Growth And Fat Loss

The single best supplement for muscle growth and fat loss (besides steroids), is whey protein. Whey protein can’t help you win elections or run faster than a truck, but it can increase muscle growth and aid in fat loss.

Protein is the building block for muscle. The way you build muscle is by tearing it apart at the gym. To build muscle, it needs to get fed with protein. If you have insufficient protein in your diet, it doesn’t matter how hard you go at the gym, you won’t get bigger. Also, if you don’t have enough protein from real sources such as chicken, fish and red meat, supplements won’t help you.

There are conflicting studies on how much protein a person should be taking. For us, it’s 2 grams per pound of bodyweight. This might seem a lot but it has worked extremely well for us. This means that if you’re 150 lbs, you have to get 300 grams of protein which equates to 1400 in calories.

Now think about it. If you’re getting 1400 in calories, how much do you think you’ll be splurging? If you’re always satiated, you won’t go out and grab a candy bar. This is one way protein supplementation helps with fat loss.
When you feel like eating candy, make a protein shake. Nowadays, protein shakes tastes absolutely awesome and you won’t splurge on ice cream or candy. You’ll feel less hungry, less sluggish and ready to take on the world!


Click on the image below to get a list of popular whey protein brands. They’re the cheapest you’ll find them and compared to places like GNC, you’ll save a ton of money.