Best Supplement For Burning Fat and Building Muscle

If you’re in the market for the best supplement for burning fat and building muscle, it’s whey protein. If you’re starting out on your gym routine and you don’t have any protein yet, we suggest you GET SOME!

If you plan on running or lifting a ton, you definitely need some protein. When you run, you’re burning fat but also muscle. Your body not only uses fat as fuel but will also tap into your muscle as fuel in prolonged cardio sessions. If you can supplement yourself with protein, it will mitigate the muscle loss.

If you don’t know already, protein is the most important supplement for muscle growth. After a grueling cardio or weight lifting session, your body is exhausted. Your muscle wants protein and if you don’t feed it, you’ll mitigate your chances of building muscle and burning fat.

Take 2 grams per lb of bodyweight. This might seem a lot and over the regular recommendations but remember, the regular recommendations are for the average folk – and you ain’t average. Try this out yourself and if you don’t see increased muscle mass or fat loss, cut it down.

Also, having enough protein in your diet will stop you from wasting your macronutrient output on carbs and fat. If you have almost half of your diet as protein, you’d only have half left for both carbs and fat. This will help you preserve and build muscle while burning fat.


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