How To Build Biceps : 5 Awesome Bicep Exercises

Who doesn’t want bigger biceps? In order to get bigger biceps, you have to really work them out hard and work them until failure. Exercises such as bent over rows, chin ups, cleans and more already work your biceps but if you wanted to isolate them and work them out hard, you can try the [...]

How To Get Bigger Forearms


Do you have scrawny forearms? Have you been working out but for some reason, your forearms still aren’t growing? We compiled a list of 4 forearm exercises you can try out( There really aren’t much forearm exercises out there) and accompanied them with videos that we found from Youtube. Hopefully, these forearm exercises will help [...]

Bodybuilding Routines : A Sample Bodybuilding Routine

bodybuilding routines

When it comes to bodybuilding, there are tons of routines out there. A beginning bodybuilder might get bogged down with what to start with. As a result, we have a sample bodybuilding routine here so that you can get started. Remember though, everybody has a different body. It is key when starting out to listen [...]