Shoulder Exercises : 5 Exercises To Grow Your Shoulders


They say having big shoulders is a must so if you’ve hit a plateau, we have 5 shoulder exercises to help you grow. Working super hard on your shoulders can help you naturally boost your metabolism so what are you waiting for? Learn the 5 shoulder exercises below and hit the gym!

Shoulder Press

You can do this either on a bench like the video or on a bench made specifically for shoulder presses. The difference is that if you do it on a bench without back support, you have to work harder on controlling your core and not putting too much pressure on your lower back. Professional bodybuilders such as Jay cutler prefer to not have support and to always work on your core when you have a chance. Whatever you choose, make sure you are comfortable before you start doing heavy weights. Remember to always have a spotter and to do perform this in good form.

Upright Row

This exercise simply requires you to pull a barbell up to your chest and release. Remember to squeeze your shoulders at the top of the motion. Sometimes this exercise hurts the rotary cuff and if you are feeling pain in your shoulders, quit this exercise and do something else.

Lateral Raises

Simply hold two dumbells you are comfortable with and try to keep your arms straight. Raise it up with your shoulders and try to hold it for a second at the peak to get a better burn. Some people might swing their body weight with the motion but you should try to keep your body as still as possible.

Arnold Presses

Arnold press is an awesome alternative to regular dumbell presses and gives you a bigger range of motion. This should work almost all 3 of your shoulder muscles except maybe a little less on the rear deltoids. Remember to start in the original position and to go back to the original position when going down. Practice with low weights to get your form correct.

Standing Dumbell Presses

This can also be done seated on a regular bench or a shoulder press bench. This exercise is hard to do for people who have weak cores (abdominal and lower back area). This is an awesome exercise to work both your shoulders and your core and you should definitely incorporate this exercise into your regime if you have plateaued

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